Sunday, May 11, 2014

This is an article from one of my previous website that still applies today, will add the link to compare rates in your area. 
Residential Internet Providers

Getting the cheapest home Internet provider has become easier as more providers throw their hats into the ring. For the cost of what dial-up service used to be, high-speed service is available at a steal.
Major cities tend to have more options when it comes to choosing the cheapest home Internet provider. Because the competition is so fierce, they run various promotions throughout the year. If there is a promotion, look for time-frame restrictions. It may be permanent for the life of a contract or could be for 90 days, six months, or even a year. Read the fine print to avoid any billing issues later. There are other areas where the choices are not as widespread. With just a couple of providers, if the service is similar, look at what the price point is and how much bandwidth is allowed. Those who rarely use the Internet or do not download music and other files, dial-up may be all one needs.
Providers for dial up and DSL can only install in homes or businesses with a phone line. The information transmits via phone lines and customers are not sharing data lines with other consumers. Cable Internet works with cable lines that have already been installed within an area. Though transmission with either choice varies, cable has been faster, overall. Because they are both broadband services, transmission rates are quick. Songs download in seconds and sending large files becomes easier. Satellite services are ideal for small areas, where broadband access is lessened. The information is beamed over satellite, giving rural communities speeds that are up 30 times faster than dial up. T-1 service is optimal for businesses that require heavy Internet usage and need fast speeds to conduct business.
One of the least expensive ways to access inexpensive Internet is by bundling phone and Internet service. In some cases, you are adding television, too. Most times, the bundling will be seen with cable providers. Also, check to see whether a modem is included or if there is a lease fee. Providers also offer maintenance programs, so that any repairs are provided for free or at a reduced rate. Retrieving a quote often requires very little information and installs may be available as soon as the next day. Keep this in mind when seeking the cheapest home Internet provider.

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